Our mission is to empower pharmacists 

The Pharmacist Provider is an online learning program designed to help maximize pharmacists’ impact on patients.

Pharmacists have unique training that is often underutilized in today’s evolving healthcare market. Without a clear model for pharmacist payment, many pharmacists find themselves frustrated by the metric-driven realities of the pharmacy profession. At the same time, many practices and health plans find themselves wanting to utilize pharmacists, but are not sure if pharmacists are ready or willing to work with their patients.

The Pharmacist Provider is designed to help! We aim to help you determine what services to start, how to build the service, engage your team, and ultimately practice as a pharmacist provider to receive reimbursement for the care you are providing to your patients. 

About Us

What is The Pharmacist Provider?

The Pharmacist Provider is an online training program for pharmacists from all practice settings to learn how to practically implement pharmacist provider status services. 

Why are we creating an online provider status training program? 

Pharmacists receive ongoing continuing education on the appropriate use of medications, but there is very little continuing education on how to successfully apply this medication knowledge into a sustainable part of pharmacy practice. The Pharmacist Provider is designed for working pharmacists to successfully start sustainable, reimbursable pharmacy services through an online, application-based platform. 

There is no one stop shop for training 

The pharmacy profession is facing the best opportunity in years to be reimbursed for services provided to patients. Training for these opportunities is hard to find and is not easy to practically implement. The Pharmacist Provider is one place to obtain tiered and up-to-date training specific for pharmacists to get reimbursed for the services they provide to their patients.

Pharmacists do not have lots of time 

The tiered educational model at The Pharmacist Provider allows you to pace your learning with your own schedule. You can progress the training based on the needs at your site as you grow your services. Additional modules will continue to be added and live mentoring opportunities are available to help troubleshoot issues and provide support. Continuing Education credit is available for all sessions. The Pharmacist Provider’s carefully curated sessions are practical, actionable, and flexible based on your schedule. 

Pharmacist provider status is new 

The training at The Pharmacist Provider is developed by pharmacists who have firsthand experience in implementing pharmacy services and mentoring others through that process. Each session will allow pharmacists to take away actionable steps that make sense for their team and help them build services that can be marketed to patients, health plans, and other healthcare providers. The Pharmacist Provider training is based on real-world experience of implementing reimbursable pharmacy services.  

Who is behind The Pharmacist Provider? 

The Pharmacist Provider is a subsidiary of Strategic Pharmacy Initiatives, LLC and was developed by Stuart Beatty, PharmD, BCACP, FAPhA. Stu uses his real-life experience of practicing in a primary care setting, teaching pharmacy at a large academic institution, training numerous students and pharmacy residents, and mentoring pharmacists through provider status implementation in Ohio to shape the content and format of The Pharmacist Provider platform. Pharmacy leaders from around the United States have contributed to the content and application activities provided through the platform and educational designers with expertise in adult learning helped develop the platform interface. Everything about The Pharmacist Provider has been developed from years of service implementation and mentoring with the working pharmacist in mind to deliver content paired with application activities specific for the individual pharmacist looking to change his or her pharmacy practice.

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